Mat making

Free-PEMF and multiZAP devices support sets of coils that allow the use of electromagnetic field therapy of low intensity, similar to the one found on Earth.
Additionally, multiZAP allows the use of the mat in case of complex bio-resonance therapies. In this case, no reduction resistor is used, and field strength might be slightly stronger.

To make a mat we will need the following materials:

Frequency list

Useful literature to create your own therapy scripts for active and passive bioresonance. Links lead you into the books descriptions in Amazon store. Fragments were published for some of them. (click Loook inside). Also look at files placed below article.

Coil choosing - theory

 Devices such as freePEMF or multiZAP cause the body to the pulsating low frequency electromagnetic field generated in the coil. We call this magnetotreapy. The electromagnetic field is most easily described as a system of two fields: an electric and a magnetic field. This is illustrated in the figure below:

Składowe pola elektromagnetycznego

E - electric field;

B - magnetic induction.

The coil should be selected according to the following criteria:

  • the induction stream produced,
  • the size of the construction taking into account the dimensions of the selected part of the body.