Here for the first time - Basics about the portal

Aim of this portal is to widen knowledge regarding information and energy medicine as well as spiritual development. Everyone is able to built devices presented on this portal for relatively small amount of money and check for themselves weather they are working or not. Open source material includes free information how to construct the devices, free software and how they work. Everyone has an access to their full documentation. This enables the portal to continually to improve proposed solutions. Therefore devices become more effective. Users are encouraged to share their experiences with other users regarding presented technologies and therapies. majority of users are amateurs, however some professionals use them too. Currently we are collecting studies showing how this type of technology has been used to improve health and quality of life of both humans and animals.

Currently the following constructions are available:

  • freePEMF - device used for magneto-therapy and magneto-stimulation;
  • qiWELLNESS - Complex device enabling diagnosis and therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM);
  • multiZAP -  zapper type of device, can be used in conjunctions with coils, mats, electrodes and bio feedback devices:

For more information please find What is... section included within the project menu.

qiWELLNESS mobile

Most of the devices described on the biotronics portal have implemented bioZAP language. This allows them to be independently controlled from any computer, e.g. a smartphone. Without much of work, you can construct the therapies that you need for yourself, and control your qiWELLNESS device using the Android application.
Of course, nothing prevents you to use a similar application on other computer platforms.

Step one: install the application available on your phone:

qiWELLNESS electrodes

On main screen electrodes from the right side:

  1. Ryodoraku;
  2. Pen electrode for: Voll's electroacupuncture (EAV), Vegatest and electropuncture stimulation of BAP1;
  3. Hand auxiliary electrode.

This article describes the construction of all electrodes.

All electrodes are made of brass2, which is the best choice in the electromodal methods. This metal mixture is safe for living organisms and least disturbs the signal during diagnosis. Brass is also corrosion resistant.

Sleeping freePEMF

Sleeping with freePEMF has double meaning. Firstly this solution works in conjunction with in-built within bed mat and freePEMF duo device. This enables the user to use the device automatically every night and being supplemented by magnetic field, which is essential to human existence. Secondly FreePEMF duo had an additional RTC timer inbuilt to enable the device to be put automatically on and off. 

The below photos show how red blood cells (erythrocytes) look before and after 16 min. session Earth Rhythm (x2) generated by freePEMF duo and mat. Erythrocytes has negative charge and they should not be sticking as it is fatal for the human being. This type of supplementation restore beneficial negative charge.

Pictures taken by Anne Mijwaard (Netherlands 2019). Author left her comment below. 


EN: The most clear change is that from a state of mild-severe acidification to almost none. You can see this by the amount of red blood cells that form rows or cluster together.


I am going to make a you tube video describing the assembly of the miniVOLL-qiWELLNESS device. I want to record it in a version without comment, so that it would be available to everyone, regardless of their mother tongue. The film will be available within nearest future. Your patience is greatly appreciated. You can assembly qiWELLNESS device in about 2-3 hours. Downloading Arduino and compiling firmware takes 1 additional hour.


Assembly based on prototypes boards


What is qiWELLNESS

Device qiWELLNESS (health through Qi energy) enables diagnosis an therapy according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, whilst utilising few modern techniques:

  • RYODORAKU diagnosis. Its inventor is Nakatani of the Japanese origin. Therapy has been invented in mid  XX century. It enables to assess level of the energy flow within main meridians within physical body. Assessment is based on measuring the resistance within designated acupuncture points.
  • Carry out Rydoraku diagnosis, which based on the received results enables to restore energy flow within 12 meridians. This therapy also stimulates or hinder performance of the organs associated with relevant meridians.  Analogically, this type of therapy works as acupuncture, which brings homeostasis within human body.
  • VOLL diagnosis (Voll electro-puncture aka EAV). Inventor of this therapy is German Dr Reinhold Voll. Method has been developed 40-70 XX. It allows you to access whether our organism is in balance, hyper or hypo-functioning or weakening particular organ within our body.
  • VEGATEST diagnosis is a method mapped out by Dr Helmut Shimmel in 70 XX. It is based on EAV method. It measures vegetal nervous system in designated acupuncture point when patient is exposed to the pathogen containing substance. Currently, vegatest has been classified to pseudo- scientific medical method. However a lot of publications provided strong evidence that this method is highly successful when detecting virulent and food allergies.
  • ARIKULO DIAGNOSIS and ARIKULO THERAPY. These techniques allow to diagnose with high probability number of popular afflictions and support their healing based on measuring the resistance within specific points located within the ear and stimulating them with electric current. 
  • ELECTRO-PUNCTURE (electro-acupuncture) stimulation acupuncture points with electric current of the specific parameters.  This method is as effective as acupuncture whilst being significantly less invasive on the tissue. Electro-puncture is very effective with healing the pain in both conventional and traditional Chinese medicine.
  • IONTOPHORESIS/TENS therapy with allows you to deposit the drugs under the skin by ion current. You can use DC current or pulse current like in the ZAPPER or TENS device.

DIY freePEMF duo

freePEMF duo is a device used for magnetotherapy. Similarly to freePEMF it is possible to connect coils and mats to it. Duo simultaneously supports two coils or mats. It also has a display on which the executed command, progress of therapy and other parameters are presented. Despite the greater possibilities, the device is easier to build than freePEMF, because of the modules. It also supports bluetooth.

The shopping list of items is below. If you have already got everything, you can start building the device.

1. We cut the front panel, chasiss, and hole drilling patterns from the template.

Tuning forks

 Recently has become popular to use tuning fork for body healing. Pitchfork tuners operate selectively. They generating a mechanical wave on an audible frequency. Its sinusoidal characteristic does not contain harmonics. You can achieve a similar effect by applying an electromagnetic coil to a specific organ, what is analogous to using a tuning fork. The electromagnetic wave induces vibrations in the body. Ions and other molecules with a non-zero magnetic moment move in the rhythm of the EM field changes.

What is a freePEMF

PEMF is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic field.  The pulsating magnetic field doesn't changes polarity, i.e. it is unidirectional but the intensity varies over time depending of signal shape. If we change the intensity of the magnetic field at the time, we "produce" an electromagnetic wave. The PEMF therapy (PEMFT) is based on interacting of pulsating electromagnetic field with human or animal body. The therapy uses different frequencies and signal shapes. This method is widely used in medicine and supports treatment of many diseases.

Pulse Electromagnetic therapy is usually referred by doctors for clinical management of quick bone healing, repair of damaged tissues and as a quick remedy for pain. Various PEMFT equipment are already available in market, but none of them are available as low cost consumer electronic device. Authors to develop a low cost version of PEMFT device. The design and construction method of freePEMF device has been thoroughly described on the portal. The prototype constructed not only met the low cost criteria but also was equally effective at pain management and bone healing.

Most popular PEMF devices in market are using extremely low frequency pulses typically from 0.5 to 4 Hz (1Hz means one pulse per second) with high magnet intensity. Wide group of web sites on the Internet are units of low-power supply signal rectangular with the frequency range of 0.5 to 50Hz. The freePEMF device can be made by anyone without knowledge and expertise. The average cost of parts is about $40. [11-2016]. This freePEMF device is also simulating the geomagnetic field of Earth and generates Schumann frequency 7.83Hz. 

Pulsating electromagnetic field is used to treat:

  • Insomnia;
  • Stress;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • All kinds of wounds and injuries;
  • The lymphatic system dysfunction;
  • Pain;
  • Nervous system disorders.

freePEMF can be used in preventive health, as noted the positive effect of electromagnetic field of ultra-low frequency on the brain and the body's cells. It also applies in meditation and supporting the achievement of other states of consciousness. It has been confirmed that the pulsating electromagnetic field is necessary for proper functioning of the body. Unfortunately, commonly found electro-smog, the natural weakening of Earth's magnetic field affects the deterioration of this important element of our health.