DIY freePEMF duo

freePEMF duo

freePEMF duo is a device used for magnetotherapy. Similarly to freePEMF it is possible to connect coils and mats to it. Duo simultaneously supports two coils or mats. It also has a display on which the executed command, progress of therapy and other parameters are presented. Despite the greater possibilities, the device is easier to build than freePEMF, because of the modules. It also supports bluetooth.

The shopping list of items is below. If you have already got everything, you can start building the device.

1. We cut the front panel, chasiss, and hole drilling patterns from the template.


2. We assemble the chasiss prototypes. It will be necessary to cut several catchs of the prototypes. After assembly, stick to the cut chasiss according to the printed diagram.


3. Drill the holes in the box.

4. Fix the front panel to the underside of the box lid.

5. We mount the cables according to the diagram.


6. We mount the MAIN and AUX sockets to the box, remembering to thread the cables by the holes.

7. We mount the main board - we assemble all parts, and wires-jumpers. Then the Arduino NANO module. NOTE: RST pins should be removed on both sides of the PCB module. Pins: + 5V and GND on the programming connector (6pin) are needed to power the relay module. The bluetooth module is optional.


8. Insert the main board into the box and also battery.

9. We connect the wiring according to the scheme. For now, we do not stick the L298N module and the 5V relay to main board.


We also connect the display via the I2C bus analogically to the multiZAP.

10. We program the Arduino module.

11. We check if it works.


It is necessary to adjust the contrast of the display. For this a blue potentiometer is used above the LCD display.



12. If the device works, we stick the modules into main board. Then we close the box.

The arrangement of the modules in the box can be seen in the picture below.








How to build the battery charger, I described in the movie:





Download full documentation