I am going to make a you tube video describing the assembly of the miniVOLL-qiWELLNESS device. I want to record it in a version without comment, so that it would be available to everyone, regardless of their mother tongue. The film will be available within nearest future. Your patience is greatly appreciated. You can assembly qiWELLNESS device in about 2-3 hours. Downloading Arduino and compiling firmware takes 1 additional hour.


Assembly based on prototypes boards



Picture below is not exactly the same as assembly scheme, because of different the op-amplifier (MCP6142). Also I used green wire instead of violet to the therapy socket.



The step-up converter requires modification. Remove the original (blue) potentiometer. In this place, solder two wires (in the picture blue) and fix them to an external 10k (W103) or 50k (W503) blue potentiometer. Then solder to the converter terminals 4 long gold-pins, so that it can be mounted to the prototype board over other items. Look at the picture.









Power of EAV circuit

An interesting fact is the lack of a Li-ion 18650 battery charger. In the case of the miniVOLL, the system consumes less than 90uA. Battery capacity is 3.4 Ah, so it should last for over 4 years. When the electrodes are shorted, they take about 11.5mA (maximum current). So it gives about 12 days of continuous shorting of the electrodes. In fact, the battery should last for about a year. So I assume that if it stops working (the system has a power drop protection below the 3.3V threshold) then you have to unscrew the device and charge it. I used NCR18650B MH12210.

Put the 18650 battery to holder after it charging.




Shopping list.

  • Arduino NANO R3 1pcs

  • Step-up conventer XL6009E1 5V-35V 1pcs
  • 170 prototype boards (e.g. yellow) 3pcs

  • IL300-H *see note below   1pcs 

  • CNY17 1pcs

  • MCP6141 1pcs

  • LP2950 3.3V  1pcs

  • 3 pin microphone socket 2pcs

  • 3 pin mic. plugs 3pcs

  • 1N4148 2pcs.

  • 1N4728 or BZX85C3V3  1pcs

  • Relay P-5 5V SPDT (or similar) 1pcs

  • 1k / 0.5W or 1W 1pcs

  • 330R 3pcs

  • 100R 1pcs

  • 22k 2pcs

  • 33k 1pcs

  • 220k 1pcs

  • 100nF 2pcs

  • 10nF 1pcs

  • 1n/100V 1pcs

  • 100-150mA polymer fuse 1pcs

  • Linear potentiometer 10k or 50k (depends on step-up conventer blue pot) 1pcs

  • Buzzer 5V with generator 1pcs

  • Li-ION battery 18650 3.6V-3.7V 2000-3400mAh

  • Switch 2-position on/off 1pcs

  • Plastic box for device 1pcs

  • One battery 18650 holder 1pcs

  • 0.5mm2  Cu wire  - 1m
  • 1mm2 silicon Cu wire - 4m (red and black)
  • Insulated crimp fork terminal M4 x 6,4mm - red 8pcs

  • USB – mini USB cable 1pcs
  • Power supplier to 18650 battery

Use resistors 0.25Watts because of the size, except 1k / 0.5W or 1W.


Assembly based on PCB board

See: GitHub download





Note: you do not need EAV/VEGATEST switch. It works automaticly.


(*) - IL300-H (H bin type). If you use with diferent letter see that document.


Download full documentation