Upload and upgrade of firmware


 The software was created in the Arduino  environment, which is an open platform for Atmel micro-controllers. Upload software can be completed before or after module installation, as the USB port can be accessed on the top of the box. Please note that: after assembling the device and connecting it to the PC, disconnect the power supply first.

2019-07-05: If you have Arduino NANO EVERY here you will find a link describing how to upload the software to the module.

1. If Arduino NANO R3 is used, install the driver provided by the clone manufacturer. It is attached in the files at the bottom of this page, and named is CH341SER. After unpacking the zip archive in the directory, you should run SETUP.EXE. The original Arduino module does not need this driver because it is supplied with the environment. Please look for the Arduino logo on the PCB to ensure the correct part has been purchased.

2. Download the latest version of the Arduino environment from https://www.arduino.cc from the Download section and install it. Please accept all additional updates, which must be installed too.

3. Download the latest version of the software from gitHub. The link is at the bottom of the page.

4. Open the files in the Arduino environment. File -> Open… point .ino file. Detailed instructions can be found on the gitHub website.

5. Choose the right module Tools-> Board -> Arduino Nano.  Procesor: Atmega328P (Old Bootloader)


7. Verification if the Arduino environment recognizes the module. Connect the NANO module or assembled device with a cable to the PC. To power the module, the PC's USB port is enough. The LEDs should light up on the module. Then select the COM port: Tools-> Port. Most often it will be chosen automatically. If you have more than one com port, see the one that appears after connecting the NANO module to the PC. To verify that this is the right port, use Tools-> GetBoardInfo. You should receive a message with the identifier.

8. Compile and upload. Sketch->Upload.


Wait until on down side of Arduino IDE window see Done uploading.




The software source files are currently on GiHub:

Read the file README.md how to compile the code and load it to the device.