Lyme disease - part one




This therapy was developed on the basis of The Rife Handbook. Nevertheless, the therapeutic process is more complex and requires a change of the program in the middle of the process. You have to use several programs and constantly change them. This script can be used as the beginning of a bioresonance therapy. It can be the basis for developing your own approach based on professional literature.

Use the mat.

Source: dr. Nenah Silver Podręcznik Rife'a. Katalog częstotliwości pasożytów (The Rife Handbook– wydawnictwo: Enso Publishing 2013 ISBN: 978-83-932269-4-8


#Lyme disease 30min
wait 3000
pbar 100 1800
freq 20300 180
freq 41200 180
freq 41400 180
freq 58900 180
freq 64000 180
freq 66700 180
freq 84000 180
freq 107200 180
freq 108700 180
freq 855400 180
beep 500


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(*) Install only once

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