Epstein-Barr virus EBV, pancreatic flukes




Author Ula

I have found information in the book by Dr. Hulda Clark regarding the treatment of EBV virus by the removal of pancreatic flukes:

"Epstein Barre Virus (EBV) is a mysterious disease because, in spite of building up antibodies, it attacks repeatedly. I only see EBV if the person also has Eurytrema (pancreatic fluke) in the pancreas. When the fluke is gone, I no longer find EBV in the white blood cells. This suggests that the virus comes from the fluke. As each fluke dies and is finally removed, the body's white blood cells can catch up with the viruses and you begin to feel better again, which can be as quick as one day.  But  reinfection with an EBV-carrying Eurytrema (plus a wood alcohol containing beverage to allow the fluke to go to the pancreas) can spark the next recurrence."

The Cure of All Diseases, H. Clark, New Century Press 1995, p. 371

I have not found any research on the connection of EBV with Eurotrem, but I have often heard that the virus is accompanied by parasites, so I'm inclined to agree with H.Clark. So far, I'm testing the effects of the therapy.

Script based on the The Rife Handbook.

Use with the mat and electrodes simultaneously.



# pancreatic flukes
wait 5000
beep 200
freq 104194 180
freq 104355 180
freq 104678 180
freq 2096036 180
freq 42035000 180
freq 42100000 180
freq 42230000 180
beep 200


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