Free-PEMF Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting free-PEMF

The below describes resolutions to the most common issues with free PEMF device. It is paramount you read the below before you start assembling the device, to avoid making these common mistakes.

General tips:

  • Purchase only high quality circuit boards; look for descriptions on the side of them. Please note that lower quality boards are difficult to assemble and it can not be guaranteed that they will work.
  • Not able to solder; find place which can fix electronics. Generally speaking only three items needs soldering: clamps which are a part of the arduino NANO, main socket and switch off with cables. Please note that incorrect soldering can create a lot of issues.
  • When you are soldering slot and  switch off, please carefully file joint.

Specific issues

1. Issue with compiling sketch (Compiling can be completed by selecting first button on the left, marked as V).


Check if correct andruino module has been selected
Tools -> Circuit board -> Arduino NANO

Other solutions can be found :

2. Issue with loading sketch (doesn't include therapy)


Select correct port COM. 
Tools -> Port -> relevant COM (usually there is only one). 

Then check if it works.
Tool -> Download info about curcuit board

Window with VIN module information will be displayed.
If you do not have it, please instal drivers  to module NANO - CH341SER.ZIP

Please double check if the above process worked.

3. After putting the free-PEMF device, one of the below will occur:

  • nothing happened and nano module has diode on (this is a small part on nano module)
  • device is turning on after holding switch button for around 4 seconds; Green diode is turning on, however device is not reacting to further pressing the switch. Device can not be switched off by holding the switch button . 
  • device can be switched on, therapy one is working (as green diode is flashing), switch is not working 
  • Device can be switched on, however when you release the switch the device doesn't stay on.


Change diode as described in point 6 (text is marked in yellow).
Connection between the transmitors must be made with uninsulated as it disables correct assemblance.

4. free-PEMF works, but is doesn't connects to the coil


- please check isses described in point 3,
- jumper between H5 and H11 is missing. Point 17 (in yellow)

5. Device is charging and switching off relatively quickly due to low battery.


1. Turn charger on and wait at least an hour. Then connect to the free-PEMF consol using USB-miniUSB cable and check voltage using command bat.

Within Arduino click:Tools -> Monitor serial port and write command bat

For battery voltage 12,3 V, 123 should be displayed

If  less than 120 (12,0 V) has been displayed it means that battery is not working properly. It then must be calibrated. Measure voltage on the battery using multimeter.

Then use command cbat 121 if 12,1V has been displayed whilst measuring voltage on the battery. If you do not have a gauge assume 12,1V

For more information please refer to BIOzap

Additionally, the below link includes other versions for this problem to be solved;

2.If accidently the device has been stored in a way that switch has been on and battery is dead now. Battery might have been damaged. After charging the battery, the device will only work for one to two therapies. In that case the battery must be exchanged.

6. Script is not loading onto the device.


- Has driver to Windows for clones Arduino NANO? Solution has been described in point 2.

- Check port in Arduino environment. Menu Tools -> Port. Listed are the only existing ports within your computer.

- When Hercules is used, but device is not responding. Go to Hercules, Serial folder, section Modem Lines, select DTR and then Close and Open. Then communication including version of system should be displayed together with pop up displaying free-PEMF.


Experiencing other issues?

Please use the below link to the forum o forum jest dla Ciebie (please note: that you must register on our website first)