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Strukturyzator wody

Based on numerous sources of scientific research water has different physical and chemical properties, This depend on the processes which has occurred on the molecular level. Prime example is water affected by plasma, electromagnetic field or magnetic field, which behaves different than water prior any of the procedures has been undertaken. Structural change can be short term and show formation of clusters, which takes nanoseconds or long term e.g. water affected by magnetic field of our planet or plasma. The affects of last two can be observed after 6 months of the formation process.
Please find the attached article on website Water Structure and Science [05-2017]

Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) have significant and lasting effects on liquid water. Using a weak field, adjusted to give a magnetic field of 45 µT, on glutamic acid solutions causes changes in the pH shifting towards the de-protonated species. Using just water, FTIR-ATR spectroscopy (see below left) showed that the lower energy part of the stretching absorption band (~3250 cm-1), which is related to the coherent fully-hydrogen bonded population, decreases. Stronger ELF-EMF fields (~0.15 T) were applied to water and its relative permittivity (dielectric constant) measured and compared with that of untreated water (see below right). It was found that the relative permittivity (dielectric constant) of the ELF-EMF field-treated water was 3.7% higher than the control over the frequency range of 1-10 GHz, which may indicate a higher molecular polarization in the treated water.


If electromagnetic effects do indeed influence the degree of structuring in water, then it is clear that they may have an effect on health. The biological effects of microwaves, for example, have generally been analyzed in terms of their very small heating effects. However, it should be recognized that there might be significant non-thermal effects due to the imposed re-orientation of water at the surfaces of biomolecular structures such as membranes. Similar effects on membranes have been proposed to occur due to magnetic and electric fields. Additionally as low-frequency, low level alternating electric fields have been found to affect the electrical conductivity of pure water, the effects of living near power cables and microwave towers should, perhaps, not be thought harmless just because no theory for harm has been formally recognized. Even variations in the geomagnetic field may have some long-term exposure effects.

Aim of the below method is to achieve higher order in dipoles of water and as a result increase its penetration through the cell membranes and gain increased irrigation of the body. I am not entirely sure how will this experiment work. It must be however highlighted, that I have only started studying relevant scientific documentation. Observation of this phenomenon is long term and building the device does not take much effort. 

My thesis concludes that water exposed to the similar fields existing on the planet Earth, should have increased absorption for the organisms living in this environment. it also supports adaptation of life within environment. The above hypothesis must be therefore confirmed or refuted.

I do encourage portal users to contact me regarding this subject. Additionally any scientific research is welcomed and can be send  through: Contact form.

I have built additional device for Free PEMF and reversed osmosis filtration system. I concluded that tap water contains chlorine, heavy metals, fluorine as well as other pollutants. Firstly they are being removed by the mechanical filtration, activated carbon and osmotic membrane. That way water which contains high level of minerals 350-380 ppm measured by TDS, in the container achieves 11-14 ppm (data from my household). This creates a very soft water and salts contained within water resemble rain water, which can be found in nature. This water can be then treated by extremely low frequency electromagnetic field. I used 7,83 Hz - averaged frequency of the Schuman resonance.

I would like to encourage users to share their opinion and/or send their own scripts for the Free PEMF device.

List of items to assemble Water Structurizer:

  • free PEMF device with software version NANO4.2 2017-05-30 or newer
  •  free PEMF charger
  • wooden pad with diameter larger or equal to the water container installed osmotic filtration to the kitchen  installation. 12cm radious should be sufficient.
  • wire 0,45 or 0,4 mm diameter
  • sockets and plugs 5 pin
  • diods 1N4007 or 1N4004 for any voltage
  • resistor 100 om 0,125/0,25 W
  • 1mb. copper wire 2x0,75mm2 
  • lace to plat the coil 1,3 mb
  • thermo-retractable wire cover 2,4

Measure diameter of the water container used for filtration. Please note that metal containers should be exchanged to one made of plastic. Membrane inside the container protects water from contact with plastic. One condition must be met to allow free flow of the electromagnetic waves.


Use pad to create a coil (link). Please note that coil should be slightly bigger than diameter of the water container. Place wire or lace where coil will be assembled on the water container. Using pliers remove few dowels on the pad as illustrated above. Fit previously measured wire or lace onto the adjusted pad. 




Remaining process is the same as assembling a coli for the Free PEMF device. For more information please access the following link: tu. Use 0.4 mm or 0.45 mm diameter wire. Wind enough wire to achieve 9-12 om resistance. Please use the following table to find the correct resistance tabelki.
My water container has 22 cm diameter (11 cm radius) and 120 scrolls of 0.45 mm has been sufficient to create my coil. Generated field will be 30 times stronger than Earth 55-60 uT.

Cable must have plug and socket assemble to it, to enable charger to be permanently connected. Device will be working continuously based on script generating 5 min signal followed by the 60 min break. To enable free PEMF working continuously a 100 om resistor must be added, between plug 3 and mass (GND).  
Additionally, in the plug connected to the charger diode has been connected.This protects it from generating negative voltage SEM, generated by the coil.



upload software for the Free-PEMF version NANO 4.2 2017-05-30 or newer. Please find the following link describing how cant it be done: Link do programu i opisu  jak to zrobić. Then upload the below script to the EEPROM memory using command mem. For more information please find the below link: Opis jak to zrobić znajduje się tu.

After first few days I and my family have not noticed any effects of drinking structured water. However my wife have noticed that our pets are keener on drinking it. Next thing which must be tested is to give them water which enters and exits the system of structured water. Then swap water to repeat how much have been used.



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