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Fit of the bronchial asthma (Napad astmy oskrzelowej) EAP therapy Perform therapy once a day for 3 weeks. Stimulate each point for 2 minutes. One day (e.g. every odd day of the week) stimulate points on the left side of the body, then other days on the opposite side. After 3 weeks, take 1 month break and start the therapy from the beginning. English admin
Example of electropuncture therapy EAP therapy

Write list of Biologicly Active Points (BAPs) and separate them by space e.g.: LI-4(R) LI-4(L) ST-36(R) GV-26. (R) (L) means side of the body. You can use "-" mark to separate meridian symbol and point name! E.g.: GV-21 KD-1. In [] brackets write time to the stimulation of each point in seconds e.g. LI-4(R)[60] - means 1 minute. If there is no square brackets default time is 120 seconds. Use space to separate points.

English admin