Here for the first time - Basics about the portal

Wielka trójka

Aim of this portal is to widen knowledge regarding information and energy medicine as well as spiritual development. Everyone is able to built devices presented on this portal for relatively small amount of money and check for themselves weather they are working or not. Open source material includes free information how to construct the devices, free software and how they work. Everyone has an access to their full documentation. This enables the portal to continually to improve proposed solutions. Therefore devices become more effective. Users are encouraged to share their experiences with other users regarding presented technologies and therapies. majority of users are amateurs, however some professionals use them too. Currently we are collecting studies showing how this type of technology has been used to improve health and quality of life of both humans and animals.

Currently the following constructions are available:

  • freePEMF - device used for magneto-therapy and magneto-stimulation;
  • qiWELLNESS - Complex device enabling diagnosis and therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM);
  • multiZAP -  zapper type of device, can be used in conjunctions with coils, mats, electrodes and bio feedback devices:

For more information please find What is... section included within the project menu.

Aim of the portal is to encourage audience to self build devices and use them among family, relatives and friends. Constructions are purposely designed for amateurs, who are not electronics. Constructions are based on documentations of the predecessors of these technologies, patents and analysis of the professional devices. To protect patent law authors are not allowed to gain any profits, however they are able to describe and share information. Patent gives a commercial protection. Everyone can assemble the device and use it for them selves to check if it works. Therefore on this portal nothing is being sold.

Costs of parts to build the devices varies (100-300 PLN). Costs of professional devices varies from few up to hundred thousand PLN. Effectiveness of the devices has been checked in professional bio-resonance studies, finding has been captured by the users who sometimes for years were looking for the solution to their heath issues.


There is a number of organisations in Europe which organize workshops where a device of your choice can be built. Workshops are run by an instructors familiar with technologies.

Knowledge is also available in the forms of webinars, where more detail information regarding use of these technologies has been presented.