What is qiWELLNESS


Device qiWELLNESS (health through Qi energy) enables diagnosis an therapy according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, whilst utilising few modern techniques:

  • RYODORAKU diagnosis. Its inventor is Nakatani of the Japanese origin. Therapy has been invented in mid  XX century. It enables to assess level of the energy flow within main meridians within physical body. Assessment is based on measuring the resistance within designated acupuncture points.
  • Carry out Rydoraku diagnosis, which based on the received results enables to restore energy flow within 12 meridians. This therapy also stimulates or hinder performance of the organs associated with relevant meridians.  Analogically, this type of therapy works as acupuncture, which brings homeostasis within human body.
  • VOLL diagnosis (Voll electro-puncture aka EAV). Inventor of this therapy is German Dr Reinhold Voll. Method has been developed 40-70 XX. It allows you to access whether our organism is in balance, hyper or hypo-functioning or weakening particular organ within our body.
  • VEGATEST diagnosis is a method mapped out by Dr Helmut Shimmel in 70 XX. It is based on EAV method. It measures vegetal nervous system in designated acupuncture point when patient is exposed to the pathogen containing substance. Currently, vegatest has been classified to pseudo- scientific medical method. However a lot of publications provided strong evidence that this method is highly successful when detecting virulent and food allergies.
  • ARIKULO DIAGNOSIS and ARIKULO THERAPY. These techniques allow to diagnose with high probability number of popular afflictions and support their healing based on measuring the resistance within specific points located within the ear and stimulating them with electric current. 
  • ELECTRO-PUNCTURE (electro-acupuncture) stimulation acupuncture points with electric current of the specific parameters.  This method is as effective as acupuncture whilst being significantly less invasive on the tissue. Electro-puncture is very effective with healing the pain in both conventional and traditional Chinese medicine.

The device is made with two circuits:

  1. Measuring and diagnosis (aka miniVOLL)
  2. Therapeutic ( generate specific electric signals)

qiWELLNESS  is an open source construction. it sis similar to other open source protects launched within biotronika platform. Portal aims to enable user to self assemble the device. Device can be assembled from prefabricated modules e.g. circuit boards and does not require knowledge of electronics.


Device services two types of electrodes:

  • Ryodoraku diagnosis - specifically made for this type of diagnosis.
  • Point electrode - used for diagnosis and electropuncture.

Ryodoraku electrode


Point electrode and supporting electrode



Device is being run by utilising qiWELLNESS software compatible with PC with Windows and Linux (delivery of software planned for end of 2019)







An example: using Ryodoraku method

Measuring energy flow using Ryodaraku method shows that prior to therapy taking place energy flow has been stopped in one of the meridians (TE, associated with the lymphatic system) and lack of balance within both left and right side of the heart meridians (HT) as well as large intestine (LI).


After 30 seconds stimulation marked in red points, the following result has occurred: Lung (LU) and pericardium (PC) meridians have been removed from the therapy.