zenON - first attempts


Consecutive project progressed in 2019 zenON.

Concept of this device is based on unidirectional EEG device. Its aim is to analyse emitted brainwaves and maneuver MP3 player. The device is able to influence state of consciousness of the end user and as a result play relevant sounds assign to it. End user can select preferred script with the therapy. Prime example would be making human brain to reach state of deep relaxation by playing thunderstorm sounds. Level of intensity of the sound depends on state of relaxation. After reaching desired state, we will be able to hear thunder storm going away and changing into bird signings.

Please watch the below film to find out more.

Based on the level of key types of brainwaves and assessment of the brain activity, the device will control the signal going to the headphones e.g. you can use technology HemiSync(c) which enables sync of the brainwaves, meditation sounds including specific rhythms and frequencies. IN case of complete state of relaxation and falling asleep, the device will have a gentle wake up functionality. zenOn will be working together with free-PEMF. It will be capable of stimulating human brain with exogenous electromagnetic field. Most likely device will be compatible with smartphones and PC's. More information regarding brain activity and brainwaves tu.